1. Avoid blood thinners 48 hrs before your appointment like advil, ibuprofen, and alcohol.
2. Have a healthy meal 3 hrs before your appointment to help your blood sugar stable and avoid fainting or dizziness.
3. Make sure to clean the piercing area with soap and water before your appointment.

aftercare guidelines (first 4 weeks)

1. Wash your hands very well before you touch or clean your piercing for any reason.
2. Soak Q-tip with saline solution and gently clean the pierced area very well. Make sure you are removing any dry blood or crusties(dried plasma). Dry area with paper towel and allow the area to dry out. Repeat 3x a day!
3. Avoid sun exposure, makeup, swimming pools, hot tubs, skin care or anything that can affect the healing process. You don’t want to harbour any bacteria. Remember this is a wound!
4. Sometimes your body can reject foreign objects. It is important you take care of your piercing by following the instructions above. Should these not work, you can try tea tree oil, or polysporin. If you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact us !!
5. Piercings typically take 1-3 months to heal, and sometimes even
Longer. Jewelry can be changed after 1-2 months and we recommend you change it here at our studio!

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